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Product Name : Smart Ocoo
Safety Certification No. : OC-S8900M
Rated Voltage : 240~/50Hz
Power Comsumption : 800W / 3.3A
Weight : 10.5kg
Size : 36x43x41cm
RM 3449.00
(Above price for West Malaysia contains 0% GST)  
oc pro
OCOO Double Boiler
OCOO is the latest product exclusively developed to enable the excellent double boiling method appropriately for the living environment of the modern people in the 21st century through an economic, convenient, and safe design.

Product Name : OCOO Double Boiler
Safety Certification No. : HH07584-9004E
Rated Voltage : AC240V / 60Hz
Rated Operating Power : 800W
Maximum Capacity : 4L
Maximum Operating Pressure : 0.8Kgf/cm2(약 78.5kpa)
Size : 380 * 360 * 400mm
RM 2899.00
(Above price for West Malaysia contains 0% GST)  
RM 2899.00
(Above price for Sabah / Sarawak contains 0% GST)  
OCOO Wellbeing Cooker

Product Name : OCOO Wellbeing Cooker
Model : OC-2700PRM
Weight : 13kg
Rated Voltage : 240V~ / 50Hz
Power consumption : 800W
Maximum Capacity : 4L
RM 3299.00
(Above price for West Malaysia contains 0% GST)  
db-pot  Germanium Pot
RM 599.00
  Pressure Packing
RM 41.00

Germanium Inner Lid
RM 148.00

Germanium Pot Packing
RM 48.00

Germanium Pot
RM 276.00

Germanium Inner Pot
RM 202.00

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